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The shopping malls of Chennai

The Malls of Chennai

The Malls of Chennai

It is a different world in there. (more…)

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Mouse.. The real one. Not Mickey!

The Mouse at last!

There was an uninvited guest at our house. A rodent. A mouse. An eli(more…)

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Eating out at Madras – Part IV

Multi colored chutneys and sambar in silver cups at Saravana Bhavan

Multi colored chutneys and sambar in silver cups at Saravana Bhavan

Silver plates come with a price. (more…)

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Toppukkaranam – aka superbrain Yoga! Bah!

Come on! Give me a break. (Watch this video) (more…)

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Eating Out at Chennai Part III

Saravana Bhavan Place Mat

Saravana Bhavan Place Mat

The Saravana Bhavan saga continues. Today we visit the T Nagar Saravana Bhavan on Tyagaraja Salai. (more…)

March 3, 2009 at 11:30 pm 2 comments

Eating out at Chennai – Part II

Dosai - perfect proportion (Reduced portion though)

Dosai - perfect proportion (Reduced portion though)

I was introduced to Saravanabhavan – Parrys Corner in 1990 or 1989 I think as a hotel that served you colorful chutneys and a dosai whose quality was superior to the Udupi hotels in Parry’s corner that I was used to.


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Recognizing Rahman

Amidst all the hype about the Oscar award for Jai Ho, we listened to pukaar after a long time. (more…)

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Eating out at Chennai – Part I

This is a vast topic and I am going to type it up in bite sized sections. (pun intended) (more…)

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