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Digging out

The ravages of a winter storm. (more…)

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Walking through a roadside vegetable market



This is something that still is fresh in my mind. (more…)

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Flying Kingfisher Again

I flew Kingfisher again, this time from Delhi to Chennai with all the nostalgia from the 2007 trip. (more…)

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Donkey’s Milk in the streets of Chennai

I had never known that human beings consumed donkey’s milk. (more…)

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Asking for Directions

You dont go around with a GPS in rural India. (more…)

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Tiruvaiyaru Temple prakaaram

Here is a post after a trip to India. The Tiruvaiyaru temple near Thanjavur is always a source of inspiration (more…)

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Power Point

Here is something on a humorous note. In a sense it is very thought provoking. (more…)

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