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The indispensable cell phone

A year back, my wife and I drove downtown separately in two cars. Our return trip was at about 5 PM, bang on the rush hour traffic. (more…)

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The one Stringed folk violin

Growing up in North  Madras, in a town home with a wall of windows facing what is now a busy street, we were treated to a dazzling display of wares throughout the day by vendors of different sorts. (more…)

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A memorable buffet

For one who is used to the $7.95 buffets in the suburban Indian restaurants in the United states that normally feature a set of trays with Bunsen burners warming the food, under a glass hood with hand written labels describing Indian food such as chhole in terms such as ‘Chick Peas in gravy’, the GRThe Buffet at GRT Grand - ChennaiT Chennai’s buffet’s ambiance was a real treat. (more…)

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In awe of the operating efficiency of the airline staff in India

“Vallavanukku pullum aayudham”

                                                              Tamil Saying

To a strong (capable) person, even a blade of grass is a weapon (more…)

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