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Snow on TreesThe midwest witnessed extraordinary amounts of snow two weeks back.

There are two sides to inclement weather.

There is the inconvenience that is caused, when the ground gets coated with slippery slush from nowhere and all these four wheeler bodies (cars) and the multi-wheeler trucks drive through the interstate – ridden all of a sudden of their ability to cover ground at sixty miles an hour.

In brutal weather like what we had two weeks back, traffic speed of five miles per hour in some places was all that was possible. Even less in others. It is a feeling of something rising up in your stomach, when the car turns left when you try to steer it to the right. There is no control. A feeling that is accentuated when you see another car in a ditch.

Fortunately sanity prevails for the most part. The primary goal on people’s minds is just to get home. Not to get there right away. And when you finally get home it is such a feeling of relief. I can personally vouch for it after having spent 4 and a half hours driving from work during one of the snow/ice storms this season.

The other side is the sheer beauty of it all.

The entire landscape turns white. Snowflakes falling, flying, piling high on the ground, in a white powdery coating that grows by the inch.

In all we had about 18 inches last weekend, over a one and a half day period. It takes quite a bit of effort to just walk over the snow. Your feet sink in. When you are finally done trudging a 25 foot distance to the mailbox to pick up the mail, you look back and see a trail of deep footsteps.

The contrast between the white of the snow and the dark green of the evergreens is striking. Add to it, the snow piling up on the short bushes and completely burying them. Oh, the poor bushes and grass. It is their blanket in winter, that deepens their hibernation and rest and causes them to come back to life in spring in all liveliness.

Now all of a sudden, barely half an hour after the wild snowstorm, the sun comes out shining bright and the snow just glistens. It is an unforgettable sight, spoiled too soon by the snow ploughs that come and clean the streets, with a coat of salt making the roads safe for driving.

There are two weeks until the spring equinox. Days are beginning to get longer. We have had enough of the snow. Time for life again.


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