Vintage Tamil Movie Tiruvilaiyadal

March 5, 2008 at 4:10 am Leave a comment

We recently watched the film tiruvilaiyaadal.

It boggles my mind as to how this movie (and other greats such as Karnan) were made in the 50s.

Digital editing was not possible then.

Digital sets, animation and other luxuries of today were inconceivable then.

The film itself was conceived on a large scale. A galaxy of actors and technical staff were lined up. There was no dearth of money to finance the sets it looks like.

And mind you, the transition between the sets and the actual corridors of the Madurai temple gives you the illusion of the entire sequence of Dharumi/Nakkeerar having gotten filmed in the temple itself.

And, I dont need to say anything about Sivaji’s acting. Every cell in the man’s body lives the role. Whether he sings, or plays the mridangam, or the veena or recites jati, the dedication is complete. TM Soundararajan and Sivaji really come together in the song pattum nane.¬† And the weighty, yet simple lyrics add to the situation.

Balaiya’s sequence is a classic, not to speak of the ‘Oru naal poduma’ song and all the extras adding to the fray. The song makes the best use of the golden voiced singer Balamurali Krishna. It is an instance where ‘idam, porul,’ and ‘eval’ come together in a magical experience.

Look at the attention to detail. I was fascinated by the poor sivaganas standing poised as soldiers, wearing horns and terrifying moustaches, just adding to the ambience of Kailasha.

Honestly, I feel that these classics have gotten way less national and international attention than they deserved. They played to full houses in the state, and that was it.

I guess the era in which they were made is what is responsible for this. Today’s media is much farther reaching than that of the 60s. It would be nice to have an instituionalized ¬†Classics festival where these masterpieces actually get celebrated and re-appreciated.


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