Takita tadhimi (Salangai oli) – Tamil Film Song (1983)

February 12, 2008 at 2:51 pm 2 comments

This is a masterpiece. Probably SPB’s best rendition ever.

The tune is brisk; is beautiful and conveys the essence of the troubled spirit (loaded with spirits) portrayed in the film.

The scale of the raga shanmukhapriya is very effectively used here.

First, the keyboard shows a flowery entrance and then the flute plays a solo, with the tabla/dholak percussion playing  a brisk trisra nadai.

Then SPB enters.

Watch the clarity in the delivery of the lyrics; there is quite a mouthful of them, and he is in pitch all the time.

The flute continues with its presence in the next bgm and then SPB is back with his ‘ulaga vaazhkai natanam’. The energy in the upper reaches of the song continues unabated and he is still in pitch.

Then comes a short lead in on synthetic instruments leading to a beautiful piece played briskly on the veena. Again, this song is probably in D. The veena was probably tuned to G, and the veena player Parthasarathy (was it him?) would have used the panchamam as the Sa and played it casually up there; not a hint of strain; not a deviation from the perfect rhythm that recordings demand.

Finally comes the climax of the song. The chorus takes over, after ‘kaadal ennai kaadalikkavillai’.

SPB hums various patterns and casually  jumps from G to S.

Let me iterate this. Jumping from  G to the upper S is not a big deal. But doing it with absolutely no deviation from the sruti  something. There is no groping for the upper S, there is no hiding behind gamakas, there is no gliding from Ni to sa or no flourishng as in SNS. It is a straight jump from G to the upper S as played in a keyboard, soon after a volley of crisp passages on ‘aa’. And here is the punch.  I have seen the man do it in a live  performance in the USA. It is not a recording gimmick.

Then a rather, emotional singing of the pallavi, with the percussion simulating a 4/4 catursram on the underlying trisram.

The song comes to an end.

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