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The Chennai Foodie Scene

Getting back to this blog after a long time. Much going on in Chennai on the foodie scene. Crowds throng restaurants and eateries at 9PM for the late dining hour.  A few places that  caught my attention and my palette this time were 

1. GRT grand  - a fabulous buffet for grand indulgence

2. Accord Cosmopolitan – for an impressive array of starters and a reasonable buffet – all vegetarian

3. Little Italy – for page after page of vegetarian Italian dishes – particularly great appetizers

4. l’amandier in RA Puram – I was impressed with their Ratatouille – it seemed to match the gastronomic expectation created in the irresistible pixar movie Ratatouille.

5. Kaidi Kitchen – A new restaurant near Woodosaidlands again, a vegetarian restaurant with 100s of dishes to choose from – and tremendous variety

6. Then you have Saravana Bhavan the McDonalds of Chennai – with its prices increasing every year – quality being consistent – although people say that the dosa circumference keeps coming down with time. The Mini lunch in A2B is pretty good too.

7. There is also an impressive array of ‘Sweet Shops’ which double up as restaurants. The masala poli at Krishna Sweets has stayed consistent over the years. 

8. There was no way you could get into Woodlands on a Friday night

What I learned in Chennai this time is that there is so much of centralization of operations in restaurant chains that the batter, chutnies, side dishes are all made centrally and shipped to various locations in order to maintain consistency in quality. Freezing, thawing, reheating is all common – in contrast to the days where fresh sambar boiled in front of your eyes. 


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Song sample from Vismaya

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The Tambura

Read my article on Chennaionline: The Tambura

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Pike’s Place Market

It is fun walking through Pikes Place Market in Seattle. (more…)

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Eating out at Madras – Part IV

Multi colored chutneys and sambar in silver cups at Saravana Bhavan

Multi colored chutneys and sambar in silver cups at Saravana Bhavan

Silver plates come with a price. (more…)

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Recognizing Rahman

Amidst all the hype about the Oscar award for Jai Ho, we listened to pukaar after a long time. (more…)

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Old Computers

I bought myself a brand new laptop in 1997. It served me well. It ran Windows 95, Office 95 and all the works and was as faithful as it could be. I did not want to throw it away, when we bought another desktop for the family at a throwaway price in the very late 90s. (more…)

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